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Martina Abrahams

Creator, You Had Me at Black Podcast

Martina Abrahams is storytelling guru, which she turned into a career in marketing and podcasting. This year, she created You Had Me at Black, a podcast and event series that shares stories about parts of the Black experience not typically shown in the media. A Bay Area transplant from the East Coast, Martina is also a product marketer at Square, where she's building a business around their customer engagement products. She holds a degree in Marketing from Georgetown University and has previously worked at AdRoll and Google. You can catch her on Twitter as @MARTINAdotA.

Dominik Sanya

Global Head of Creator Growth Marketing, YouTube

Dominik builds programs, tools and campaigns to grow the next generation of stars in the world’s largest creative ecosystem. Prior to his work at YouTube, Dominik worked as a media and technology consultant across Europe. The former recording artist studied International Business at the European School of Business in Reutlingen and received his MBA from the Haas School of Business.


Award-winning filmmaker

She’s an award winning filmmaker whose most recent credits include the internationally acclaimed feature film, Three Veils, a first of its kind to confront delicate subject matters such as arranged marriage, homosexuality, and love within the Muslim-American subculture. She is also the creator of the virally popular online series, Kiss Her I'm Famous, which satirizes our culture’s relationship with fame.Through the San Francisco Women's Film Institute Leadership team, she’s involved in initiatives specifically geared towards nurturing a generation of young female filmmakers. She’s also creator of the #DayWithaMuslim project, a social experimental docu-series where she brings unlikely groups of people together, to meet and spend a day with a Muslim.

2 Grace Gipson.png

Grace Gipson

PhD student at UC Berkeley, regular contributor to Black Girl Nerds and Medium Rare TV

Grace Gipson is a doctoral student in the African American Studies program with an emphasis in New Media at the University of California Berkeley. She researches representations of race and gender within digital humanities and black popular culture, specifically comic books & graphic novels, Afrofuturism, and race in new media. Her current research project includes offering a historical and cultural analysis of the visual aesthetics of Afrofuturism via the mediums of graphic novels and comic books, and their connections to the African Diasporic Imaginary. Throughout her academic career, Grace has been published in various articles and book chapters, Huffington Post, and In her spare time, Grace is one fourth of the #BlackComicsChat twitter podcast crew, a regular contributor for the website Black Girl Nerds, as well as the Social Media Manager for The Berkeley Graduate. 



Executive Director of the D-Lab and the Digital Humanities at Berkeley

Claudia von Vacano is the Executive Director & Academic Coordinator for the D-Lab at UC Berkeley. She is also the director of the Digital Humanities Initiative and is on the board of the Social Science Matrix. Her doctoral work is in Policy, Organizations, Measurement, and Evaluation from UC Berkeley. Her scholarly work and creative projects have been recognized by the Phi Beta Kappa Society, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, and the Thomas J. Watson Foundation.