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Adrienne McCallister

Director of Global Partnerships for Google’s VR/AR

Adrienne heads up a team responsible for scaling content, OEM and distribution for Daydream, Tango, Jump activities.  Adrienne joined Google over 5 years ago, most recently serving as Director, Hardware and Distribution Partnerships for the Living Room Products team.  In that role, Adrienne helped to bring a small, $35 device, called Chromecast, to market.  Since its initial launch in 2013, Chromecast devices (and its successors, including Chromecast Audio) have sold over 30M units to consumers, and Adrienne has continued to be closely involved in the upcoming launches of Google Home and other new devices.  In addition, Adrienne has helped to deploy Google Cast (the technology powering Chromecast) ecosystem into dozens of TV and speaker OEMs and dozens of SOCs.  Previously at Google, Adrienne led U.S. strategic content and distribution business development efforts for Google TV.

Prior to joining Google in 2011, Adrienne served as the VP of business development at Associated Content, which was acquired by Yahoo! in May 2010.  At Associated Content, Adrienne was in charge of all content solution and traffic partnership activities with major traditional and online media partners.